Everyone has to start somewhere! We welcome and encourage new students to our classes. Our studio embraces a safe and non-competitive environment. We welcome any questions you may have. In the meantime, view the guide below on what to expect.


Our website lists the schedule and a description of our yoga. Once you find a time that works for you, you may sign up ahead of time or drop-in on a class. 

We advise arriving a few minutes early to find the classroom and set up your mat. We have some forms to fill out and you can inform with the teacher about any special needs or previous injuries.


Wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose. Expect movement that involves twisting and bending over. Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water.  Please try not to eat more than a small snack and some water before class for your comfort.


Come into the room and set-up for class. Roll out your mat, take off your shoes and clothes you don't plan to wear during the class. Wait on your mat for the teacher to begin class. Some people stretch a bit before class, but the class includes warm-ups. 

If at any point you need a break, feel free to rest in child's pose on your mat and rejoin the class when you are ready. If any of the poses hurt any part of the body, please stop doing the pose and inform the teacher.

At the end of class we will relax in Savasana. This part of class is a place to be quiet and still. After resting, we take a seated posture, bow to the teacher and say, "Namaste." This saying is used in South Asia as a warm greeting and farewell. 



After the class says, "Namaste" the class is over. You can roll up your mat, pick up your belongings and leave at your leisure. Please wipe down borrowed mats and return any props. If it was your first time, please take a moment to greet the teacher before you leave.