Here at YoLIMBER we practice the style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. With the breath as the central focus, the class will rhythmically transition you through a variety of poses. The movements and poses are carefully orchestrated into sequences that offer benefits of strength, energy, flexibility, and relaxation.  


The regular practice of yoga leads to fitness, youthfulness, peace, and self confidence. Overtime a student should recognize changes in energy, flexibility and strength. Yoga is a great form of fitness without the harmful impact on your joints and bones. Yoga is a needed opportunity to let go of the distractions outside of your mat and focus on aligning yourself physically and mentally. 


Yoga emphasizes individual growth and empowerment of the student. This looks different for each body and personality. Individuals have different limitations and abilities in Yoga regardless of age, gender, or body type. YoLIMBER encourages you to set your own goals and not compete with others in the class. Many poses have modifications to increase or decrease the challenge. Whether you are experienced or have never tried yoga, we encourage you to join us!